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Sat, May 22


Castelli Romani Park


An activity program dedicated to biodiversity

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Orario & Sede

May 22, 2021, 10:00 AM – May 23, 2021, 6:00 PM

Castelli Romani Park



An activity program dedicated to biodiversity 

In collaboration with:  Diakronica - Azzurra Marinelli - EquIncontro Natura - Villa Cavalletti - Nemus farm

Saturday 22nd May

NEMI THE VILLAGE BORN FROM THE WOODS - Nature, in its most luxuriant manifestations and forms, has always been the undisputed protagonist of Lake Nemi and its coasts. The village was born from a millenary relationship between man and the nature of these places, and bears in the name the sign of the myth and magic of the ancient woods. A path of discovery of legends and stories that still live in the alleys of the village and the paths of the lake.

Appointment at 10.00 in Nemi in piazza Roma -

Edited by Azzurra Marinelli  accompagnatrice turismo

Possibility of lunch in the home restaurant - outdoors - Menu:

Panzanella flan with Nemi bread baked in a wood oven, lake tomatoes and basil

Pasta with sage pesto, rocket and marjoram

Omelettes with eggs from free-range hens in the valley of Lake Nemi.

Rustic cakes  e seasonal grilled vegetables

Dessert with Nemi's strawberries

Wines of Az. Le Rose Organic Farm

STORIES AMONG THE BRANCHES OF TREES Trees are among the oldest and longest-lived living beings in the world, and although it seems unexpected to us, even here at the Castelli it is not uncommon to come across specimens that have come to life in times far from our daily lives. Magnificent trees, living monuments between whose branches the wind gets tangled up, whose roots are nourished by stories and myths whose symbolic value is still relevant today. We will tell these stories, entangled in the links of history that goes from the ancient city of Tusculum to the estates of the noble villas built in this territory at the end of the sixteenth century. We will stop to admire gnarled trunks, majestic branches and explore together, with the help of our microscope, the micro world hidden between the cracks of the bark. At the end of the excursion, a snack at Villa Cavalletti, with tasting of the products will be the sweet conclusion of the afternoon.

Appointment at 4.00 pm at Villa Cavalletti viale XXIV Maggio 73

Sunday 23 May

IN ORIGIN IT WAS NATURE - a total immersion in nature in two of the most biodiverse and fascinating sites of the Castelli Romani: the centuries-old wood of Cerquone with its majestic trees and the wetland of the Doganella. The Cerquone is the last living testimony of the original wood of the Castelli Romani, composed of oaks, hornbeams, hawthorns, maples and a variegated flora, different in every season. The marshes of Doganella are unique for their beauty and peculiarity: here live the rare specimens of crested newt and Dalmatian frog, here they update herons and egrets, hawks and kestrels, here the aquatic mint covers the damp meadows and in spring the tadpoles populate the flowering ponds of aquatic buttercups.

Appointment at 10.00 at the Antica Baita bar via tuscolana crossing via del Vivaro

Curated by Equincontro natura

The wonderful life of bees

Pic nic at Lake Nemi (lunch by the participants) at the Az. Agricola il Nemus - after lunch visit the company to learn about the world of bees, the insects symbol of biodiversity, because with their incessant pollination work they trigger a series of life cycles which are   at the base of the complexity of ecosystems and biodiversity itself.

Edited by Az. Agricola il Nemus


Single activity € 15.00 adults € 7.00 children

Lunch € 20.00 adults € 10.00 children as per menu including drinks

Picnic + bees activities € 7.00 pp

Full DAY SATURDAY € 45.00  adults € 22.00 children with lunch -   € 26.00 adults € 12.00 without lunch

FULL DAY SUNDAY € 21.00 adults - € 11 children with packed lunch or picnic by the participants

Possibility to request a tasting picnic basket with local products at the price of € 13.00 for adults and € 6.00 for children, including drinks


Child meal 0-3  anni free

Info and reservations: 3471035993 -

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