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EquIncontro eco-sanctuary


Spazio Esperienziale

... a carpet of green, a ceiling of clouds ...

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Ecosantuario EquIncontro is a protected green space where  a real pasture area coexist, the "LAND OF MANES" where our horses live in freedom  and an area antantant, equipped to host countless forms of wild life. Both areas are accessible to people, through guided activities or simply for a regenerating break in a peaceful and welcoming place.

Our friends with the mane often come to peek with curiosity at the activities in the "GREEN ROOM", a shady space equipped for workshops, immediately adjacent to their pasture.


Nest boxes for birds and micro-mammals, feeders and shelters made to measure with natural materials, offer refreshment and protection to the local fauna.



a raised FLYING GARDEN, two WORMWORKS, a FOREST NURSERY an imposing dog rose, a SENSORY PATH and a WET AREA are some of the small precious realities that you can live in the ecosystem, while you allow yourself an experience of deep contact with yourself and with the nature.
We are convinced that a blue ceiling, a soft green floor surrounded by walls made of air, tall grasses and bushes, are the ideal scenario for  prepare yourself for full-immersion experiences in the green, even a few kilometers away from a large metropolis.

In the Pasture, as in any other natural environment, we have the precious opportunity to be inspired by the contact with Nature, which reminds us of our belonging to a dimension that is too often forgotten.


You can choose whether to stop in the protected space of the Ecosantuary or immerse yourself in the surrounding nature through guided experiences.
The Ecosantuary is in fact located in the great caldera of the ancient Lazio volcano, in the municipality of Rocca Priora (rm), within the Regional Natural Park of the Castelli Romani. see map A few hundred meters away, two evocative natural sites of community importance, the Bosco del Cerquone and the Pantani della Doganella, offer wonderful scenarios rich in naturalistic and landscape ideas . 


Nothing comes from diamonds ...

A cool guy the earthworm! This  is the name of the earthworm laboratory by Carlo Cingolani, dedicated to school groups and also presented outside schools with the title "Nothing comes from diamonds ..." ._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_During the activity, which saw the participation of numerous adults in the various sessions held in the EquIncontro Natura Experiential Space, the various stages for the construction of made wormworms are illustrated, starting from recycled materials and little wood from pallets . 


From organic waste to an excellent earthworm humus, all the various phases of a fascinating transformation, the work of this nice invertebrate.

Le lombricaie of the Experiential Space of EquIncontro Natura,   permanently host a large community of these_cc781905-5cde-3194cdebad5-136bde5-3194cdebad5-136bdecc5-136bdecc5-136bdzi-136b , ready to show off with their industriousness and to transform food and organic waste  into very fertile soil.


The Forestry Nursery

Equincontro Natura has accepted the appeal launched in the autumn of 2019 from the eco-friendly Reseda Onlus by joining the Re-forestiamo i Castelli Romani project.

The initiative,   has materialized the emotional wave resulting from a particularly disastrous summer from the point of view of fires, in general in the world and specifically in the Castelli Romani area, gathering the availability of numerous volunteers in the various municipalities of the Regional Park.


The purpose of the initiative is to collect berries and seeds taken from the woods of castles and sow them in phytocells obtained from recycled material and stored in forest nurseries or in private homes.


The seedlings born from this operation will be used to reforest areas covered by fires or zones  where anthropogenic presence has caused an impoverishment of the undergrowth . 


EquIncontro Natura has obtained the patronage of the Castelli Romani Regional Park, joining the project and hosting a forest nursery in its headquarters that can host about 900 phytocells.


Through cleaning interventions in the nearby Bosco del Cerquone, as well as through  collected with the collaboration of bars and restaurants in the area, numerous plastic and tetrapack bottles were recovered which, properly prepared, housed seeds of bushes and trees such as Rosa canina, Blackthorn, Spino cervino, Butcher's broom, Sanguinella, Biancospino, Ginestra, Cerro and Lime.


After about a year from their sowing, the young plants born will be brought back to the places from which the seeds were taken or in the immediate vicinity, to favor a process of re-forestation of selected areas.

For more information contact our association or Reseda onlus here

Il vivaio forestale

The insect hotel

Hotel degli insetti

Respect and consideration for life, in all its forms, is the basis of the Equincontro philosophy.


The insect hotel, set up in the Equincontro pasture, has been offering shelter, food and protection for insects and small invertebrates since 2015.


The hotel is an interesting starting point for educational activities dedicated to schools and for those who attend our office and want to deepen the observation of the microcosm that hosts.

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