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4 sessions May - July 2021


EquIncontro Nature

Life with the pack

A training course that will provide important theoretical bases and practical experiences to deepen the knowledge of the social and relational world of the horse.

Life with the pack
Life with the pack

Orario & Sede

4 sessions May - July 2021

EquIncontro Nature, Via Carpinello, Rocca Priora, RM, Italy



It is a theoretical-practical course on ethology and approaching the horse in freedom, which   provides theoretical and practical sessions on horse behavior with particular reference to social dynamics. Practical sessions include insights into field data collection, guided horsewatching and approach to the wild horse. Maximum number 10 participants

Course calendar:The course will be held on four dates to be agreed with the participants, between May and July 2021. 

There is no riding on the saddle or riding experience required.

Reservation preferably by April 15, 2021.

Hours: About 6 hours per module for 4 modules

Participation fee:€ 40,00  a module

For info on the topics covered and Reservations:Letizia Stagno - 338 9550895 - 

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